Patient Healing in Indonesia Continues to Increase, Reaching 1,526,978 People

METROBATAM.COM, Jakarta – The progress of patients recovering per 1 Meu, the number has exceeded 1.5 million people or the number to be precise has increased to 1,526,978 people with the percentage at 91.3%. This cumulative cure rate increased with the addition of 4,344 daily recovered patients.

For the number of active cases or patients who still need medical care. As of today, there are 37 cases and the total number is 100,250 with the percentage at 6.0%. However, patients were confirmed positive through the RT-PCR / TCM and rapid antigen examination methods, today there are 4,512 cases. With the cumulative number, or positive confirmed patients recorded from the first case to today, reached 1,672,880 cases.

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Meanwhile, in the development of the COVID-19 vaccination program per day, the number of recipients has increased to exceed 12 million people, or the figure to be precise 12,443,263 people. This increase is due to the additional daily vaccine recipients of 57,377 people. Meanwhile, the number of those who received the second vaccination increased to 7,667,583 people. For the target of vaccination there are 40,349,049 people.

Seeing the development of treatment per province, there are five provinces adding the highest daily recovery patients. Among them, DKI Jakarta added 793 people and the highest cumulative was 395,661 people, West Java added 760 people and the cumulative was 247,765 people, Riau added 333 people and the cumulative was 38,661 people, West Sumatra added 333 cases and the cumulative was 34,008 people and DI Yogyakarta added 330 people and the cumulative. 34,737 people.

Then, in the addition of daily positive confirmed cases, there are 5 provinces with the highest numbers. Namely DKI Jakarta added 926 cases and the cumulative was still the highest reaching 409,546 cases, West Java added 754 cases and the cumulative was 281,959 cases, Riau added 377 cases and the cumulative was 44,654 cases, East Java added 231 cases and the cumulative was 147,977 cases and Bangka Belitung added 200 cases and cumulative 13,646 cases.

The number of patients who died today also increased by 131 cases and the cumulative reached 45,652 cases or the percentage of 2.7% of patients confirmed positive. There are 5 provinces with the highest daily mortality rate including Central Java adding 20 cases and the cumulative number of 8,227 cases, East Java adding 19 cases and the highest cumulative number of 10,689 cases, DKI Jakarta adding 15 cases and the cumulative cases 6,681 cases, Riau adding 15 cases and the cumulative and cumulative cases 1,100 cases and Bali added 11 cases and the cumulative is 1,347 cases.

In addition, from the test results per day of laboratory networks in various regions, the RT-PCR / TCM and rapid antigen tests per day were 63,217 specimens and the cumulative was 14,682,656 specimens. Meanwhile, the cumulative number of positive specimens per day is 2,933,477 specimens. The cumulative number of negative specimens was 10,085,556 specimens. The daily specimen positivity rate was 18.51% and the weekly specimen positivity rate (25 April – 1 May 2021) was 17.45%. Meanwhile, 128 specimens were invalid and inconclusiv (per day).

For the number of people examined per day there are 41,722 people and the cumulative is 9,863,143 people. Then on a negative confirmed result, the cumulative number increased to 8,190,263 people including today’s addition of 37,210 people. Meanwhile, the daily person’s positivity rate is at 10.81% and the weekly person’s positivity rate (April 25 – May 1, 2021) is at 11.60%. For the number of suspects, there were 69,943 cases. And the distribution of areas is still in 34 provinces and 510 regencies / cities.

Communication Team of the Committee for Handling Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the National Economic Recovery


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